How to Write an Application Letter for a Job

Have you been wondering how to write an application letter for a job? If yes, then this article is for you. It will guide you on how to write an application letter that will get you the job you desire.

Step By Step Guide on How to Write An Application Letter for a Job

These steps will help you to write an effective application letter that will not only tell your prospective employer that you are the best candidate for the job but also make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

1. Write an Outline

An outline is a structure of what your application letter will contain. Writing an outline will make it easier for you to know what to put down in the original. Grab a piece of paper and write down the skills and requirements needed for the job. Writing down these points of interest will help you provide the most vital information the employer need.

How to Write an Application Letter for a Job

2. Write Your Contact Information at the Top

Make it easier for your prospective employer to contact you by listing your contact information at the top of your application letter. If you are not sending by E-mail, have a proper letterhead before you begin your application letter. Your contact details should include:

  • Name
  • Residential Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Your website (optional)
  • LinkedIn profile

Make sure the above contact information is aligned to the left.

3. Include the company’s Information

After your contact details, include the name of the hiring manager, their title, and the name and address of the company. By adding the contact details of the company you are applying, you are showing that you are writing the application letter specifically to the company and the position in question. It also shows how dedicated you are. If you do not know the name of the person reviewing applications for the job, search the company website to see if you can find him. If you can not identify the name of the hiring manager, address your letter to the manager of the department. Example: “[Department] Hiring Manager”.

4. Address the Employer Directly Using a Proper Salutation

Salutation is also an important aspect of an application letter. To begin, start with a proper address. If you don’t have the employer’s name, a simple “Dear Hiring Manager” will do. Example: Dear, Mr. Emmanuel,

Note: Remember to put a comma at the end of your salutation.

5. Write an Engaging First Paragraph

Experts recommend treating your application letter like a news article. Why? Because employers read lots of application letters and deciding which one goes in the trash or the “keep” pile. Writing an engaging first paragraph helps spare your application letter from entering the trash.

  • Begin with a powerful, declarative statement that will inform the employer that you are happy to be applying for the position at the company.
  • When mentioning what attracted you to the job, be short and specific.
  • Show the manager why you are a good fit for the job.

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6. State where you got the information about the position

It is important to state where you got the information about the position (the company’s website, friend’s recommendation, job site, in a newspaper, etc.)

7. State Why Hiring you will Benefit the Employer

From your wealth of experience and accomplishments state why hiring you will benefit the employer.

8. Briefly Summarize your Strengths, Experience, and Qualifications

Briefly describe your skills, experience, and qualifications that show why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

9. Paint a Picture of Yourself that’s not on your CV

An employer can read your CV and see your past accomplishments. But you want to show him who the person behind the accomplishments is. By stating the human side of yourself in one or two sentences, you prove that you’re more than just facts on a piece of paper.

10. In one Sentence, briefly summarize why you’re the perfect candidate for the job

By ending your application letter on a good note, you are leaving a good impression that can help you land the interview.

11. Invite the Reviewer to Contact you

Inform the hiring manager that you would appreciate the opportunity to speak further about the position and invite him to contact you.

12. Express appreciation

Conclude your application letter by thanking the hiring manager for his time and consideration. Expressing your appreciation for the time he spent in reviewing your application letter is a professional and polite way to sign off.

13. Sign off with a polite close like ‘Yours Sincerely, Best, or Best Wishes, followed by your full name and signature. If you are sending by email, include your contact details beneath your name rather than in the header.

Make a research to find out more about the company and the position. If you follow all the steps outline above on how to write an application letter for a job, you will definitely be invited to the job interview.

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What You need to Know When Writing an Application Letter for a Job

  • Don’t let your letter of application be a repeat of your Resume or CV.
  • Your application letter should be simple and easy to read.
  • Use paragraph and punctuation.
  • If you have already worked before, give and highlight specific examples of how the results of your past accomplishments benefited your previous company.
  • Make sure that your letter of application is formal and does not contain any informal or slang language.
  • Make sure your letter is typed and not handwritten.
  • Double-check for wrong grammar and spellings, or have a friend read through to see if there is any error.
  • Don’t forget to provide your contact details such as mobile number, Skype Id, etc. especially if you are sending by email.
  • It’s advisable to write an application letter no more than a page long. Your application letter should be as short as possible while still containing the major points outlined above. The reason? The employer has likely received many letters of interest. If your letter of application is too long, he might not even read it.

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